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A global outdoor adventure racing platform
where anyone with a smartphone can participate.

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Who we are

Time2Discover is an Norwegian adventure company who delivers unique team building activities to fit any group size, ability and location.

This web page is our competition tool during races. You can find more information on our info site:

What is Time2Discover?

The goal is to find the Lost Diamond hidden in one of the checkpoints. Both the finder and creator of the checkpoint where the diamond is found, will get the present value of the diamond. Then a new diamond is created and the game continues.

Time2Discover consists of several different adventure races where The Lost Diamond race is the parent umbrella race for all other adventure races on the platform. The Lost Diamond race is open 24/7 and winners are published every month. Results and points from all our other public adventure races are accumulated into The Lost Diamond scoreboard. Everyone can conquer or place checkpoints in Lost Diamond adventure race.

Other race types are Public Race and Private Race. Public Races are open for everyone. It can be a large event with thousands of participants or small local races with only a few participants. Private Races are closed events used for example at your garden party or a corporate event.

Enjoy and all the best!